Developing Leadership Agility

Wellness Retreat with FEBI

Chop, Chop, On Time

What are you seeking at work?

Personality Most Important to Hiring Managers: Developing Today's Leader

Change Requires Management, Transition Requires Leadership

What Does FEBI Have In Common With Feldenkrais?

How to Bring Out the Driver in Yoga ā€“ and anything else, for that matter

Organizer and Visionary: What is possible when these seemingly opposing forces come together?

Tales of Bad Bosses and why they don't need to be

A Lesson in Teamwork from...Metallica!?!

Motivating the Whole You

Wrestling with the Demons of Woo

4 Leaders, 4 Relationships to Time, and Why It Matters

How to create a climate of engagement

Video Game Design and Personality

Virtual Leadership is Whole Leadership

In Defense of Driver - Even for Servant Leaders

FEBI: The Power of all Four

Visionary: Embracing the Chaos of Possibility

Collaborator: The Power of Play

Organizer: Giving Form to Those Brilliant Ideas

Driver: From Distracted to Dominating!

Science of Somatics: Interview with Amanda Blake

Decision Making - It's All About Paradoxes

What Differentiates FEBI as a Coaching Tool?

FEBI and Puppetry Training: Finding and Sharing Energy Using FEBI

Interview with FEBI Coach, Dr. Nika Quirk

There Should Be an ā€œIā€ in Team

4 Tips for Leadership Coaching

Business Coaching Tool: What Differentiates FEBI

What is Whole Leadership?

Why Driver Matters and, for that Matter, Why FEBI Matters

Energy Patterns Helping To Form New Habits

Using Physical Activies in Leadership Development Coaching

Interview with FEBI Coach Rhonda Morton

Leadership Coaching with Physical Activities and the Energy Patterns

FEBI Coaching Tool

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The FEBI Learning Lounge is the official blog of FEBI Assessment.  In this blog we discuss all things related to the energy patterns of FEBI, digging more into each of the patterns of personality and discussing various applications that can benefit from a pattern perspective.

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