Wellness Retreat with FEBI

Posted by Anthony Attan

Jan 5, 2015 8:40:00 PM

Antimo Cimino is a FEBI-Certified Coach who has combined his passion for movement and wellness with experiential travel.  We've invited Antimo to share with the FEBI community what this retreat is all about and how FEBI fits in:


Wellness Retreat with FEBI:

By: Antimo Cimino

Screen_Shot_2015-01-05_at_8.25.39_PM-1I believe that by applying FEBI to a wellness retreat as a core framework, and by allowing people to unplug from their daily routine and demanding jobs, balanced health, wellness, peace and inner joy can be achieved much more successfully.

Many dream of a fantastic vacation and getaway to a new place, discovering a new culture and enjoying contact with locals. So why not combining pleasure and relaxation with learning and self-awareness? Applying the FEBI as a framework to a wellness retreat, understanding the principles of FEBI, and receiving one-o-one coaching will help participants understand how to take full advantage of the four energy types to become fully engaged in every aspect of life (Personal & Professional).

Each pattern will be explored in more depth daily as we engage in movement and wellness activities that exemplify them. The embodiment of the patterns will allow you to not only construe it but to embrace it, sense it, and feel it. The natural environment that will surround you in Dominica, will be not only complimentary but conducive to focusing on your inner self.

From going on a hike, to a yoga class in the middle of the rain forest, to an organic raw food cooking class, FEBI principles and types will be in action, allowing you to express your preferred pattern or challenging you to use your least preferred or expressed pattern as well as supporting the individual goals you set for yourself.

Enjoy, have fun, relax and learn with FEBI in Dominica and come back rejuvenated, motivated and inspired to live a happy, healthy, engaged and well-balanced life!

Click HERE to learn more and register for the retreat, which will be held November 4th through November 12th, 2015.


Are you a coach interested in using FEBI in your own practice?  Click HERE to learn more about FEBI Certification.

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