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Posted by Ginny Whitelaw

Dec 31, 2014 10:43:00 AM

Guest blogger, Theo Cade, shares his experience working with a number of the Zen Leader flips below.  You'll also see the wood model he built of the "fear fulcrum" to give people a salient experience of how fear gets heavier when we try to run from it.  Coming soon from Dr. Cade: an interactive game based on the flips of The Zen Leader. Love this man's practical creativity!

The Zen Leader adds value for everyday as well as leadership. It is rich in pragmatic and practical tools for personal and interpersonal life. Taking the mini FEBI on page 111, I found my least developed energy is Driver. Driver is my wife's strength. This has helped "Strengthen My Play" in our marriage. Jude loves to be on time for appointments and meetings. I am more relaxed about this, which can be a stress point for us. One day I was particularly slow in getting ready for an appointment we both had together. This did not endear me to this woman I adore, appreciate, and love to treat well. She was not the happiest of campers.

The next morning we had another appointment at the same time. After studying the energy of the Driver, I delivered my first words early in the day in Driver style. My right hand made chopping gestures into my left palm, using clear Driver energy. I noted to her the three concrete steps I had laid out to do to be ready to go on time, chop, chop, chop.

It worked. All three tasks done in readiness on time. Even had time to handle an unexpected broken water pipe. As Jude moved into the passenger seat next to me, ready on time, I found myself glowing sitting beside my happy wife.

Working through each of the flips, similar experiences came one after the other. I completed integrating one flip to some level of mastery. Then I found life circumstances arise that added value for mastering the next flip.

The sequencing of the flips has me feeling led through the book. I gained profound advance from Flip 7 — From Driving Results to Attracting The Future. My core understanding is Flip 7 is about changing myself in light of the larger forces at play. This increases ability to read reality and respond well. This brings joy, effectiveness, an ability to contribute, and the motivation serve, because I can.

Flip 7 affects how one processes and relates to incoming information. It adds agility and lets you be who you want to be. A feeling of deliciousness about my existence is more constant as a result. It also has sharpened my antennae towards other sources of wisdom.

With deeper study and embodying Flip 2 — From Tension to Extension — I found deep relaxation with more power. Following is an example. Our shower valve has been too tight to work well lately. Only with struggle, does one get that nice warm-water induced relaxation. I have been working on this shower for months. Last evening, while showering, I found myself in Samadhi - becoming one-with the too-tight valve. I sensed that I may have been over tightening the outer seal every time I worked on it to prevent leaking. A flash of insight came to me that this seal may well be less tight and still not leak and free the too-tight system. It took about 10 seconds to loosen the seal and it worked. The valve became easy and smooth to adjust. The resistance taken out of the system also is keeping it from readjusting itself during use. This frees the need for constant re-adjusting of the sticky valve during a shower. Months of struggling with this challenge, flipped in easy flow. The flip came through deep relaxing, and being one the challenge. This gave the new information needed to get it to work. I sense a new, more effective, less stressful way of being in relationship with both people and things as they are.

Zen Leader flips are helping clients gain freedom from the tightness of self -judgment. One client applied Flip 2 — Tension to Extension and found a sense of greater wholeness, and resolution of his issue. Two other clients used Flip 4 — Out There To In Here. They both experienced how fear increases when they moved away from it and lessened as they moved towards it. This came from contemplating a working model based on Figure 4.1 on page 95 (pictured).TheoCade_Fulcrum_and_Stones150

It is surprising and delightful to see that after getting the value from a particular Flip, clients will notice the content of the next one and realize that'swhat they need now.

-by Theo Cade, Ph.D


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