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The Final Flip

Posted by Ginny Whitelaw

Dec 31, 2014 1:11:00 PM

A publisher once told me that most people don't finish books that they start.  Well, it was the end of The Zen Leader that changed the whole book for one reader. Here are some reflections from Bernd Linsenbuehler on the final chapter of the Zen Leader. To know what dream he's talking about, you'll just have to read the whole book :-)

Reading chapter 10 feels like hitting the ice-berg after seeing the tip of the ice-berg during chapters 1-9. Or in other words; chapters 1-9 are explaining some tools, whereas chapter 10 turns to the one using the tools. Plus the hint, that the tools in chapters 1-9 might just add to your dream while you are using them from any other place than the place which has nowhere to go.

  I just try to imagine how it looks, feels … if you are hammering a nail into the wall in your dream and how that compares to hammering a nail into the wall from the place which has nowhere to go. Probably in your dream you need 10 hits to sink it in - running the risk of hitting your thumb - whereas from the place which has nowhere to go, you need one hit and don’t even have your eyes open while you are doing it.

 The picture of the host vs. guest and the dream and the place which has nowhere to go are great, and made things I always knew or had a rough imagination about more tangible for me.


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