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A Tool That Transforms

We believe when you have a tool that lets you accelerate development and grow your business, it's worth sharing.

The FEBI® (Focus Energy Balance Indicator) measures personality in terms of four fundamental energy patterns linking mind, body and behaviors. The FEBI® instrument and leadership development theory is a way to develop whole leaders, dynamic teams and vital organizations.  We certify coaches and development practitions to use FEBI in thier own practices and to; 

  • discover the rich diagnostic and prescriptive capability of the FEBI® (Focus Energy Balance Indicator), based on 4 energy patterns running through mind, body, behaviors, relationships, teams, cultures and more;
  • learn how to ground awareness and development in the body and mind, and use movement to catalyze transformation;
  • add to your tool box a language and framework that people find powerful, memorable, and endlessly useful.


In this free FEBI® Coaching Guide you will learn;

  • what the four energy patterns are and the various ways they can show up in all of us;
  • about the FEBI® which measures those four energy patterns, how to utilize this tool in your coaching and how it compares to other instruments.

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